Braking pads and discs

Nowadays, by such high powers and speeds achieved by modern cars, braking system has more difficult task to be performed.
Deceleration is a huge challenge for car manufacturers and becomes heavier and heavier. Each element of the system must operate with a great accuracy, because only then the whole system performs its job properly. Therefore, it is very important that each single component is of high quality. All braking assistance systems, such as ABS (Antiblockiersystem) or associated with it ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assist) will work and help efficiently only if the final link of braking system - brake disc and pad - is able to convect the energy, even in difficult road conditions, such as rain, snow, low and high temperatures. The shortest possible braking distance and the longest possible lifetime – this is an eternal purpose for each manufacturer of braking system components. Creating SRLine products, after fulfilling the above target, we decided to make a step forward - we added a reasonable price.