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TPG Autoparts is the largest auto part supplier on the Maltese Islands.

We always strive to offer Customer Satisfaction and Best Quality

Through a well established network of overseas suppliers TPG Autoparts imports original, after market, pattern and second hand parts for all major automobile manufacturers. At TPG we endeavor to retain stock of the mast majority of vehicles on the Maltese roads.

Our stock of auto parts includes and is not limited to;

  • Engines and mechanical - Engines, radiators, gearboxes, Fuel injection and exhaust.
  • Drive train and suspension - Driveshaft’s, Steering Racks, shock absorbers, springs.
  • Lighting and Electrical - Headlights and Tail lights, wiring looms, ECU's and related.
  • Sheet Metal Body parts - doors, wings, tail gates, bonnets, roof panels and more.
  • Glass works – Front and rear wind shields, window glass, mirrors.
  • Plastic and non-metal parts - Bumpers, mirrors, spoilers, dashboards and moldings.
  • Interior and Upholstery - Seats, handles, door panels, roof lining, center consoles.
  • Performance and appearance - Spoilers, Ground effects, Xenon light and angle eyes.

You name it - It we don’t have it, we can get it faster than the competition!!

All Body Parts are recommended and approved by Thatcham and TPG Autoparts is the auto parts supplier of choice for the insurance market at large.

Please use our Contact form or call us for price and availability of your requirements.